Kotwijs bundled all the answers to your questions about looking for a kot, living in a kot, and the necessary paperwork.

Sustainable living?

Sustainable living means saving water and energy, sorting waste or preparing a delicious vegetarian meal. Check out these tips and tricks on how to green up your kot life.

When should I start looking?

Don’t wait to start looking for student housing. The longer you wait, the more limited the available options.

Still have questions? The Housing Service advisers are glad to help

You can turn to the KU Leuven Housing Service advisers for information, legal advice and mediation services in case of a rental dispute.

What is an inventory of fixtures?

An inventory of fixtures is a document you draw up with the landlord, which gives a detailed description of the current state of the kot. You’ll need to draw up an inventory of fixtures before you move in and when you move out.

Rental contract and regulations: What should I keep in mind?

When you decide to rent a room, a written agreement between you and the landlord must be drawn up. We have listed everything you should know.

Which kot is right for me?

Your kot will be your second home for the next few months. A place where you live, study and relax. It’s important to choose a kot and location that feels right.

What does it cost to rent a kot in Leuven?

The rental price of a kot on the private market ranges between €330 and €500 per month, depending on your comfort level and the type of kot.

What are the benefits of renting a kot in Leuven?

Leuven is the ultimate Belgian university town. A cosy, compact city where you’ll find everything you need as a student.

How do I recognise a good kot?

Is it possible to spot a quality kot at first glance? Absolutely! Just check if the kot has a Kotlabel to make sure you’re safe.

How can I sublet my kot?

More info soon

What should I look out for when inspecting a kot?

Spotted a nice kot? Check! Find out here all you need to know when looking for housing.

What are house rules?

House rules supplement the rental contract and state the rules that you should respect as a resident. Make sure to ask the landlord if there are any house rules and read them thoroughly.

Other questions about student life in Leuven?

You can always turn to KU Leuven Student Services for support and advice on all aspects of student life. Discover what KU Leuven Student Services can do for you.