A good kot has the Kotlabel

Is it possible to spot a quality kot at first glance? Absolutely! KU Leuven, the city of Leuven and LOKO joined forces to create the Kotlabel for students in search of housing.

What is the Kotlabel?

A Kotlabel is a label featuring a blue or green K that is attached to the front of a building. It indicates that the kot meets the necessary standards for quality, fire safety, contract quality, and student-friendliness. A blue or green label always means you’re safe.

What is the difference between a blue and green Kotlabel?

The green label means buildings meet both the criteria set by the city of Leuven and the KU Leuven Housing Service. The blue label means buildings are yet to be inspected by the city of Leuven, but the Housing Service has already given them a positive evaluation.

Looking for a kot with the Kotlabel? Search Kotwijs. All rooms on Kotwijs have the Kotlabel. If you find a room via Kotwijs, you can rest assured.

Applying for a Kotlabel as a landlord

Find out which conditions you must meet and how to apply for a Kotlabel